My meditation journey: DAY 2

As I have been preparing for my O course on meditation, I have done some research on what I need to start doing to prepare myself for a successful meditation journey. The first thing I have decided to do is change my eating habits. I have bought  fruits, trail mixes and veggies. Instead of having a bag of chips for snacks I indulge in one of these healthier choices. Many people assume because I am a small frame and don’t pick up a lot of weight then I am automatically healthy. This Idea is false; I have to be even more careful at times because the foods I eat aren’t visible on my body it just affects my health.

The Second thing I have started doing is buying an excessive amount of yoga pants, I already have a slight obsession with leggings but now I have a ligament excuse to over buy yoga clothes. I have brought a pair from every major workout brand from Lululemon to Kate Hudson’s brand (which by far is the best brand ever). You can basically call me the workout clothes connoisseur. I think the clothes that can be worn to school and straight to working out are the best and definitely worth the buck.

The last thing I have been working on is breathing exercises with my mom, which has actually helped with a lot of initial anxiety that I deal with on the daily basis. I typically just get very frustrated and end up just being very anxious until what ever is causing my anxiety is over, but lately I have been attacking the issue by typically just taking deep breaths and addressing the issue.

            I can’t wait for my class to start, I am going to try to different methods and stick with whichever one works best. So the first one I will be trying is waking up early at 6am and completing the course before classes. The second one is I will be completing the class during the early evening after I get home from classes.

How will I feel when I am done 🙂

I’ll keep you posted with my journey!


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