Meditation Journey: Day 3

Well my class has finally started! I began my course Monday morning waking up at 6am with the expectations of this class being completely different from what it was. I opened up day one to the class “Finding the lightness in your life- A personal journey”. The class began with Oprah’s voice in a very calming tone, as if she was right there to embark on this journey with you. She explains, how mediation is centering with your inner self, with no distractions. Oprah tells us that our course will be guided in the beginning by her and then followed by the voice of Deepak for a deeper meditation.

Deepak began our meditation with breathing exercises something I do often for my anxiety, something different I learned from Deepak from this experience is to “center your breathing.” When Deepak speaks of centering your breath he means to make your self aware. So right now take 10 seconds to make yourself aware of your breath, you can feel your self starting to calm, and be more present in the moment. Deepak sent us into a meditation moment for 17 minutes, this seems very short I’m sure, but imagine 17 minutes with no distractions , no one talking , no outside sounds, no phone just you and your space and finding your inner peace.

Through my first days of meditation I am slowly learning how to connect myself to my inner being, I use my meditation to just let go of all my worries and anxieties of anything that’s going on I use this time to just reflect for 20 minutes out of 1151213.largeth10399750_1145644308793030_572922537150697722_ne day to prepare and tackle anything coming ahead.

I didn’t expect for this to be my third day in the class and to already feel a sense of calming, I see several people commenting in the class yet on Facebook who are using the class for multiple reasons. There is a mixture of men and women which I enjoy seeing. I think mediation doesn’t have a gender, I believe it’s okay to want to find a sense of peace at any age or gender.

I am looking forward for the next 2 weeks, to see where this journey brings me.


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